Which is the Best Roofing Type for your Home?

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Roofing is an important part of any building. It acts as the first line of shield for the entire structure. Hence, a stable and long lasting roofing system needs to be installed in the first place.

Inexpensive Variety

Asphalt shingles is one of the most common varieties of roofing type used for residential properties. Many homeowners in Surrey choose this type of roofing over others mostly due to the economic factors. Shingles are one of the affordable roofing styles that do not cost you a great deal of money or effort.

Moderately Expensive and Long Lasting


There are certain roofing types that are moderately expensive but provide a long lifespan. They are either made of metal, wood or concrete. They also need low maintenance and are resistant to fire and wind. Some of the better varieties of roof include the following:

Metal Roofing– It offers moderate to high durability for your home. It is one of the best wind and fire resistant varieties used. It is moderately expensive when steel is used; however, copper is an expensive metal used for roofing.  

Concrete Tile Roofing – It is a long lasting roofing style that needs low maintenance throughout its lifetime. It is one of the excellent varieties resistant to both wind and fire. It is moderately expensive.

Cedar Shingles and Shakes- Wooden shingles and shakes such as Cedar shakes add charm to your home exteriors. They are moderately priced and provide good resistance to wind; however, they offer poor resistance to fire. They have a short lifespan and need maintenance from time to time.

Expensive and Architecturally Inspiring

Some roofing styles such as tile and slate are very expensive. They add a touch of luxury and class to your home architecture. They are brilliant in appearance and also offer long lasting durability to the roofing system.

Clay Tile – It is a long lasting roofing type that needs low maintenance. It is one of the excellent fire resistant types; however, offers low wind resistance. They look exquisite in appearance and have a Spanish touch to them. They resemble wooden shakes to a great extent.

Slate – It is one of the most expensive roofing varieties and uses natural slate rock as the material. It is a good fire and wind resistant roof. It imparts architectural brilliance and needs only well-trained and skilled workers for its installation.

Lastly, before selecting or installing a roofing type to your home, ask a few important questions to yourself. What is your budget, the kind of durability or years of life you need from the roof and what material will suit your geographical location the best.

Roof Damage Prevention with Maintenance Services of Roofing in Surrey

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Just like you need maintenance services for your car or vehicles, you need the same for roofs of your house as well. It is an integral part of your house which is valueless with it. And waiting till the time a major damage is caused to the roofs through extreme weather conditions is not a good idea. You may even have to spend a lot more if the whole of roof gets damaged at once. Just think of how much money you will need to get a new roof for your place of living if it comes down all at once. It is even hard to imagine such scenarios. Perhaps, you don’t need to do that at all if you prevent any damage from occurring to your roofs. Yes, it’s possible with services of experts of roofing in Surrey. You can keep the roofs of your house in well maintained state with regular maintenance services employed for minor repairs needed. You surely wish to keep your family guarded against rain, snow, heat & all sorts of harsh weather conditions. So, the health of the guard should also be well taken care of.

What you can do to Prevent Roof Damages?


Calling Roofing experts regularly for inspecting & repairing roof damages is the best thing you can do. It’s best to keep the roofs in good condition using professional services of Roofing in Surrey so that you & your family can live a secure & comfortable life. Along with that, there are some specific things you can keep your eyes on to ensure well maintained roofs. These are as follows:

  • Constant inspection of leakages through cracks should be covered as soon as possible before the next rainy season to avoid getting your house filled with rain water.
  • Check ceilings & walls for molds which generally exist because of dampness & get repair aspects covered through services of roofing in Surrey.
  • Check for external damage of shingles or other types of roofs you have installed in your place.
  • Just like in any other aspect of life, the fact that prevention is better than cure is applicable to your roofs as well.

Superior Quality Services of Roofing in Surrey for Roof Repair

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The roof of your house is exposed to all kinds of weather conditions & thus, need maintenance services from time to time. But what if there are severe damages, leakage & cracks caused? How will you deal with them? It’s best to choose an expert for roofing in Surrey so that you can be protected with consequences of roofing damages before the weather turns harsh again.

Why you need Expert Services?

Material of roofing chosen as per desires or availability differs in their structural components. There can be metal, tile, slate, shingles or any other one. These different materials have to face several different weather conditions with time, be it snow, rain, excessive heat or chilled winters. Thus, these variations of climatic conditions have their effect upon them. And you shouldn’t think of choosing any local mason or laborer to do the task for you. Minor surfacial damage or roof cracks may turn to severe cracks & surface aberrations. Less professional people can’t deduce such upcoming damages that may occur in the recent future. The expense doubles up if you rely on such labor works. Thus, it is best to choose an experienced contractor of roofing in Surrey to provide roof repair & maintenance services.

Regular Inspections & Savings

Minor damages to roofs of your residential or commercial establishments should be prevented from reaching any advanced stage by employing professionals for inspection of roofing in Surrey. Smaller repair needs should be covered as early as possible to avoid a bigger hit to your pocket in the future.

Covering all sorts of Roofing needs with Professional Services

The difference between a professional service provider of roofing in Surrey & less experienced roofer is that professionals consider it their responsibility & part of their work to provide the best Quality services. Whether it is repair or installation of roofs in your residential property or it is for your commercial space, they ensure you that the work will be done with utmost care. So, it’s better to rely upon experienced roofers.

Preventive Maintenance for Commercial Roofs

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Commercial roofing is one of the important branches of roofing and commands a lot of care and maintenance. Any form of damage in the roofing or delay in the repair for a commercial building might result in great loss of commodities, infrastructure and business material.

Relevance of Preventive maintenance

Preventive maintenance of a commercial property, or for that even for a residential property, is seen as a preferred alternative to repair and roof conversion. This form of roof maintenance and repair helps in avoiding any serious damage to the roof and saving a great of money, time and effort.

Since one is required to spend comparatively less than that on emergency roofing, preventive form of roof inspection and repair is popular the world over. Many businesses and property owners across Surrey prefer timely inspection and diagnosis of roof damages and scope for roof repairs.

Last minute roof repairs are a costly affair!



If you have been keeping the roof inspection on the back burner of late, then there are chances that you are jeopardizing the conditions of your damaged roof further. Your business roof might well need a more expensive job at a later stage than what it might need now.It is always a costly affair to avoid roof maintenance and inspection need in the beginning and on a timely basis. One can easily diagnose the roofing leakage and ventilation problems during an inspection. Roof repair can be performed with less expenditure and at a lesser risk of worsening the damage.

Climate affects roofing condition over a period of time

The lower mainland mostly experiences wet climate during this time of the year. The roofs can easily develop leakage with the moisture sneaking through the unattended cracks on the roofs and ceilings. Proper waterproofing and fixing of the roof damages are important to minimize the chance of creating major roofing problems.

Hiring a Commercial Roofing Company in Surrey

A commercial roofer offers the best insight and understanding of a deteriorating roof condition. They stand in a better position to expose the faults and damages in a roof and the best way to fix it in an affordable manner.


Types of Popular Shingle Roofing

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Shingles are popular and mostly, economical roofing styles followed all over the world. Right across North America to Europe to the East, shingles are preferred choice for roofing by homes and businesses.

Shingles are overlapping elements of roofing materials and give a distant look to the roof. The elements are rectangular in shape and flat on the surface. The shingles are made of a variety of materials. Some of the popular materials used include asphalt, slate, metal, cement, wood, and ceramic. The ceramic shingle roofing is popular known as tile roofing.

Shingle roofing imparts an elegant and attractive look to the roofs. They are compact and ensure proper protection of the building. Most shingle roofing types are cost-effective and last for a long time. They require maintenance from time to time; however, the best materials stand the test of time and do not cost a fortune for their repair.

The 3 popular types of Shingles used in roofing are:

Asphalt Shingles

Asphalt is a composite material or organic material used for shingle. They last a maximum of 20 years or more and depend on the warranty offered by a specific manufacturer. The use of fiber sheet or ceramic granule coating is popular for this type of shingle roofing.

They are economical variety of shingle roofing. They are easy to install and easy on pocket for installation as well as maintenance. In addition, one spends less time, effort and money in putting up an asphalt shingle roofing in place.

Fiberglass Shingles

Fiberglass shingles is another popular type of shingle roofing. They resemble asphalt shingles to a great extent. However, they are more durable and comparatively, costlier than their asphalt counterpart.

The use of fiberglass matt instead of paper for the foundation of these shingles makes them resistant to fire. Hence, fiberglass shingles are safer than asphalt shingles.

Fiberglass shingles are brittle and do not stand the test of time in extreme cold climates as well as high winds.

Architectural or Laminated Shingles

Architectural shingles, also known as the laminated shingles, are made up of two layers of shingles. The double layer makes them heavier and ideal for high wind regions. They withstand high winds and extreme climates better than their other counterparts.

Architectural shingles are more attractive and give a three-dimensional appearance to the roofs. They give it a wood roofing appearance and in some cases, the expensive varieties resemble slate or other architectural roofing styles.

All the shingles have their specific importance and use. Some property owners prefer to use one over the other. On the whole, shingle roofing is economical and offer easy, quick and affordable roof installation, re-roof and repair options to the owners.

Top 5 Advantages of Asphalt Roof Shingles

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Selecting the right roofing system needs a lot of consideration and thinking. If you are planning a re-roof or need to touch an existing system, how about trying asphalt roof shingles? It is arguably one of the most used forms of roofing types in residential places.

Some of the important factors that are considered while choosing a roofing system range from roofing material, longevity, appearance, fire resistance, weather resistance, slope slant and also budget. Homeowners as well as business owners are advised to take a careful look at all the factors before narrowing down their search.

The factors mentioned above help in selecting the right roofing system for one’s home or business. Asphalt roof shingles is one of the common types of roofing systems used for both residential as well as commercial properties. There are many factors that work in favor of this type of roofing system. It is cost-effective and is a relatively simpler form of roofing system to install, re-roof or replace for a property.


Top 5 advantages of Asphalt Shingles for Roofing:


Asphalt shingles are an economic variety.  One does not need to worry about spending

a great deal of money in installing or fixing this roofing system. It generally lasts for a long period of time and do not require a lot of maintenance.

They are economical in installation and do not cost you a great fortune t

hroughout its life. It costs anywhere between $200 to 250 per square and are considered as ideal for residential buildings.

Easy to Install

One does not need a lot of effort and time in installing asphalt roof shingles. They are easily installed on sloped roofs and usually on smaller residential properties. They are ideal for single homes and work well above freezing temperature.

Wide Variety

Once you have opted for asphalt shingles as the best choice for your home roofing needs, you have a complete variety of asphalt shingles to choose from. One can find a whole range of asphalt shingles varying in qualities such as life span, appearance and cost. The selection is made as per the requirement and the budget for the re-roofing or roof installation project.

Long lasting

Depending on the cost of the asphalt shingles, one can get a life span ranging from 20 years up to 40 years. Since the cost of installing and maintaining asphalt roof shingles is comparatively low, it gives more value to the property owner in the 20 years that it sits still on the top of the building.

Low Maintenance Cost

One does not need to spend a great deal on the timely maintenance or repair of the asphalt shingles. They can be fixed or replaced easily and at a low cost. However, the maintenance work needs to be complete before the onset of rains or extreme weather conditions such as snow fall or below the freezing temperature. This can result in damage to the shingles and their cracking.

Summer Roofing Tips for your Home

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Summers can have a blistering affect on your roofs. The indoor temperature, humidity and energy consumption are all directly affected by the type of roofing installed on your building. How efficient is it? Is it green roofing? What exactly you can do to have a energy-efficient roof on top of your house?

Here are some sought after summer tips for your home roof maintenance:

Tip 1

Blocked Roof Drains

Summers are here, so is the best time for roofing! You must be having summer debris clogging the roof drains. They can block water flow and result in leakage, roof damage, spoil waterproofing and also result in development of mosses and algae. Clear the drains and book roofing experts to clear them free and ensure no blockage.

Tip 2



Roof Inspection after storms

Summers or rains can see heavy storms or winds blowing across the plains. Check for microburst or damage to the roods during this time. Regular inspection and touch up helps in keeping the roofs in good condition even after storms.

Tip 3


If you have been considering re-roof for your building, summer is the right time! You have plenty of sunshine and mostly, non-slippery roof surface to perform re-roofing. You can also get roofing professionals easily and for a longer task at hand during the summers. Re-roofing is possible on all types of roofs.

Tip 4


If your roofs are not well-ventilated, there are chances that there could be a rise in the temperature by a lot of degrees. This can result in a breeding ground for molds as air traps within the attic.

Tip 5

Roofing Material

Summers requires you to use the best roofing material in terms of its efficiency in reflecting heat and keeping them interiors cooler. Asphalt shingles are the best when it comes to summer roofing. Metal roofing are a big no-no for this season.


Why Tile Roofing is Ideal for your New Home?

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Buying a new home is a special feeling. You plan everything to be perfect for your house. The exteriors and interiors; the driveway, the front yard, the curbs, the entrance, walls, flooring, ceiling, and the roofing are among the many aspects that demand your attention. Roofing stands out as one of the prime elements in your exterior décor and also one of the major parts of the building.

 Why Tile Roofing?

Tile roofing is one of the most popular roofing products in the world. Roofing contractors in Surrey can’t stop raving about this roofing system for the summers. The durability offered by tile roofs is beyond comparison to any other system. The best part about this roofing type is that it is energy saving and helps you make a big cut on your energy bills.

Design and Appearance

One can find a wide variety of colors and styles when it comes to tiles. Both clay as well as concrete tiles are manufactured in different colors right from the light shades to the darker versions. You can easily match the color of your exteriors with the tiles while selecting the color.

Tile roofing sits well on different types of building and architecture. They easily match a particular style and compliment it. Moreover, it is seen that tile roofing is preferred by home buyers around the world.

Sustainability and Life Span

Tile roofs have long term durability and are far more sustainable than many other styles of roofing. They are so resistant to wear and tear that even centuries old tile roofs are still doing fine today. They have very low life cycle cost and withstand the test of time for the years. They are a preferred choice at places facing high wind conditions and even hailstorms. Moreover, they are also fire resistance. Hence, they are extremely sustainable and have low maintenance needs.

Environment Friendliness

Tile roofing is the most cost-effective when it comes to low life cycle. The roofing material used in the tiles plays a key role in the life span of tile roofing. Tiles used in this style do not cause any depletion of natural resources and do not even possess chemicals that are harmful to the environment. Moreover, one is not required to get the re-roofs done for tile roofing time and again. They are long living and ensure low maintenance cost to the property owners. They also have natural air flow through them and keep the interiors pleasant for living. Therefore, you have a cooler summer home and a warmer winter home. This makes it a cost-saving roofing type as well, or a green roofing system.

Low Cost, Low Maintenance

Tile roofing is one of the easiest of all roofing types to install. It is one of the simplest systems and is absolutely cost-effective both at the time of installation as well as long term maintenance. Lastly, it is equally easy and affordable to repair and maintain it.

Hiring a Green Roofing Specialist in Surrey

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Green roofing is not a recent concept that has been knocking on the doors of homeowners in Surrey. It is an age old concept of keeping your homes cooler in summers and also lowering the cost of energy consumption. Green roofing is a preferred way of roofing using the right materials and technology to suit the rising temperature at this time of the year.

Why Green Roofing?


Surrey enjoys mild humid and sultry weather in the summers. It is usually cloudy or the sun could be out and at its brightest best on some days. To ensure that you have a pleasant and comfortable atmosphere indoors; it is important you ensure your home is ready for the season. Roofing is one of the many considerations that one needs to make in this weather. More importantly, green roofing is a great idea to have a cool atmosphere indoors.

Using the Right Roofing Materials          

The kind of roofing materials used for roofing also plays a key role in regulating the indoor air temperature. There are certain roofing materials that are considered as heat reflectors or heat absorbers. The heat reflector varieties are appropriate for the sultry weather; whereas, heat absorbers are good for the winters. Therefore, it is important that the roofing materials are carefully chosen for your homes.

If you need to keep your homes cozy and comfortable in the hot and humid weather, choose cooler materials such as asphalt shingles to do the trick for you. It is always a great advice to go for a green “cooler” roof that stands the rising temperature and keeps it away from your home indoors for good!

Shakes are again popular in this part of the world; however, asphalt shingles and composite do well for this season.

Metal Roofing: One of the Best Forms of Roofing in Surrey for Residential & Commercial Places

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There are misconceptions related to the use of metal roofing for special kind of establishments & buildings only. This form of roofing is believed to belong to the luxurious class of homes & palaces & also, there are instances where people believe that metal roofing is only for tool sheds. But those who believe in such surfacial rumors don’t know the whole facts. Actually, Metal roofing is one of the best form of roofing which can withstand weather disturbances of all kinds better than anything else. Still, those who believe in the positives of metal roofing in Surrey are now embellishing the front look of their places with this attractive form of roofing in Surrey. And these positives have made it popular ahead of all the doubts & misconceptions.

Metal roofing in residences


In residences, metal roofing has the sheets of steel, aluminum or copper used in them. In the case of steel roofing, a coated layer of metal can give it protection against the rust. The aluminum roofs are only painted without coating. While the two requires protection against rust, Copper doesn’t need that as it weathers before getting corroded. Next is the steel roofing which is galvanized with zinc prior to its use. Also, the density of all these coatings determines the cost they require & the service quality that can be obtained. When it comes to consider your affordability & pocket limits, Metal roofing in Su

rrey is expensive as compared to asphalt or other roofing materials. But the service quality is far more superior & durability is preserved for sure without much maintenance. These metal roofs are also energy efficient & are thus, helpful to counteract heat in the summer months. Cost effectiveness says that these roofs have better resale value & are resistant to fire.

It can thus, be helpful to change your current roofs with better & efficient metal roofs to gain advantages associated with them with professional roofing in Surrey.