Five Roofing Replacement Mistakes

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You sleep in your home peacefully and comfortably because you have a strong roof on your head which strongly deals with extreme weather conditions like strong winds, intense heat and cold, and heavy precipitation. Over time, your roof becomes weak and gets damaged so, they need repair or replacement depending on their conditions.

In this blog, we are going to talk about five roofing replacement mistakes.

Wrong Flashing Installation

Flashings are installed around chimneys,vents, and valleys to avoid leakages. If it is wrongly installed, it can lead to water damage. Therefore, you should make sure flashing is properly installed.

Inappropriate Attic Ventilation

Proper attic ventilation protects and curbs the temperature in your home. If it is done incorrectly, the temperature of your property will increase. Maybe it will become difficult to leave a single moment inside the home on a hot summer day.

Inappropriate Shingles Nailing

Shingles should be nailed properly, at least with 4 nails per shingle. If they are nailed wrongly, they slide down or get damaged over time. The shingles should be properly covered and kept dry with next row of shingles.

Wrong Installation

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If roof is installed wrongly, which is possible in many ways – insufficient number of nails, improper ventilation, missing ice barrier, and poor underlayment – this can cause a big damage to your roof and your budget. An improperly installed roof can add to your electricity bill. Plus, shorten the lifespan of roof.

Hiring A Wrong Roofing Contractor

When it comes to choosing a roofing services provider, you cannot take a chance. You should hire an expert in roofing services Surrey. An inexperienced roofing contractor can make mistakes in installation or repair that will cost you big.

 The best way to avoid any roofing repair or replacement mistake is hiring an expert in roofing services Surrey. So, do your research about numerous services providers around you and hire one that appears you reliable.

Five Roofing Materials For You

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Are you looking for the best roofing material for your property? Here are five excellent roofing material choices for you.

  • Clay Tiles

One of the oldest and predominantly used roofing materials is clay tile. Shreds of evidence found in archeological surveys date it back to 10,000 BC. If you care for your clay roof, it will serve your property for many decades. The modern clay tiles are available in a vast range of options; wide variety of colors, sizes, and styles. Clay tiles can withstand hurricanes and extreme weather conditions. Clay tiles improve the heating and cooling system of your home. This is an expensive choice. As clay tiles are heavy, before making this selections you should confirm that your property will be able to bear its heavy weight.


  • Slate Roofing

Slate roofing is a durable choice that can last for a century. This is fire-proof, water-proof, fungus-resistant, and mold-resistant. Slate is available in great color variations. Slates are energy-efficient and reduce the energy costs of a property.But, before going for slate, it is important to note is, it is heavy, costly, and a little difficult to install. You need a roof expert to install it.

  • Green Roofs

Green roofs are an environmentally and economically friendly choice. The roof purifies the air, encourages biodiversity, regulates the temperature, and saves energy. The green roof works as a sound barrier, absorbing sound. Thus, there is a quiet environment in your home. They also add to the value of your property. However, you will have limited plant options for roofing and green roofs are prone to leakage.

  • Asphalt Roofing Shingles

Asphalt roofing shingles are adaptable to different shapes and angles, so they are an excellent choice for people looking for custom roofing solutions. Plus, they are available in a great range of colours so you can choose the shingles complimenting the look of your property. The asphalt roofing shingles provide you protection against outside noise. They are cost-effective and easy to install as well. However it is important to note that these roofs are better suited for cooler climate environs and not recommended for overly hot climate. If you reside in cooler climate, then you should consider it.

  • Metal Roofing

Metal roofing has become a quite popular alternative to asphalt shingles. Metal roofs generally made of aluminum, copper, and steel provide strong protection for your property. They are lightweight, portable, durable, and energy-efficient. They make your property look stylish and require very little maintenance. Metal roofs are noisier as well as costlier than other roofing options. When you install a metal roof, you should install snow guards as well.

Roof repairs services Surrey help you maintain your roof and ensure its longevity. Therefore, you should not forget to call roof repair experts once a year to inspect your roof. The experts will provide you with the detailed inspection report that will explain to you if everything is alright or any repair is required.

Three Causes Of Metal Roof Leakage

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Metal roofs look stylish, add a touch of elegance to the exterior, and increase the overall value of a property. They have the added benefit of being lightweight, strong, and durable. Thus, investing in a metal roof is said to be one of the best investments you can make to boost your property’s curb appeal. That said, there are also some weaknesses in metal roofs, and one of them is they are prone to leakage.

In this blog, we will shed light on three primary causes of metal roof leakage.

  • Metal Roofing Screws

Roofing screws are indispensable to your roof. They provide your roof with a safeguard against various vulnerabilities. But, at the same time, they are a major cause of roof leakage. There is a rubber washer used with the screws while driving the screws into the metal roofing. The screw compresses the rubber washers and creates a gasket between the screw head and roofing panel. Several mistakes like over-driving, under-driving, driving screws in the wrong angle, or driving screws missing the framing lead to leakage. However, it would be wrong to blame screws only. The rubber washer is vulnerable to extreme weather conditions. Over time, the rubber washers can get damaged and provide cracks for water to seep through.

  • Stack Flashings

Stack flashings are the rubbers or rubberized materials used to create seals between the metal roof and HVAC vents, air vents, and plumbing pipes to avoid the probability of leakage. The area around the stack flashings is always vulnerable to leaks. The flashings are squeezed around the pipes to make another seal. Interestingly, these seals are often tested by the movement caused by the contraction and expansion in the metal roofing that may cause a gap that leads to leakage.

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  • Seams And Overlaps

The seams or ridges where two metal panels overlap each other are prone to leakages because of the capillary draw, a given name to space between two metal roofing panels. The capillary draw provides space for water to get in.
These were just three out of many causes of metal roof leakage. Having your roof inspected once a year by an expert in roof repair Surrey will help you prevent metal roof problems and increase the life of your roof.

Five Advantages Of Drain Inspection With A Video Camera

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Gone are the days when video cameras were used to shoot memorable videos. Now, they have become a troubleshooter as well. They are used in various industries. For example, medical, plumbing, and drainage. Video cameras have made drain cleaning and repair an easy and cost effective task. Video inspection of drains has many benefits.

Here are five big advantages of video camera drain inspection:

You identify the exact problemand the Problem location

The best aspect of video camera drain inspection is that you get to see everything – the problem, the cause of the problem, and the location of the problem without doing any digging or demolition.

There is no unnecessary digging or demolition

Video camera drain inspection helps you avoid any unnecessary demolition on the drain site. Once you identify the exact problem and exact problem location, then  you’ll be able to demolish or dig the  exact drain sites.

A cost-effective solution       

Drain inspection reduces the drain repairing cost because you don’t have to do unnecessary digging, demolition, and repair. The camera tells you the problem point and you work accordingly.

A time-effective Solution

You diagnose the problem, the cause of the problem, and problem location in just a few minutes. So, you save hours of time that you would otherwise waste if you had tried to find the problem and problem location with physical efforts. So, you take appropriate actions immediately.

You get the perfect solution

When plumbers manually try to identify the problem, they start repairing as they find the problem site. But, several times, it happens that a drain has more than one blockages or damaged points that are not repaired at the same time and over time, you have to reinvest in your drains.

These are the some advantages of video camera drain inspection. We provide specialized drain cleaning and repair solutions in Surrey. Contact us for our commercial drainage Surrey.

Four Roofing Materials To Keep Your Roof Cool

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When it comes to choosing a roofing material for your home, you should not delay making a choice. We recommend you research different roofing materials available on the market and then make your decision. The wrong choice can create difficulty for you to live in your home during summer months because incorrect roofing material affects inside temperature of the property.

In this blog, we are going to inform you about four roofing materials that can keep your home cool in summer.

Slate Tiles

Slate tiles are amongst the most durable roofing materials. They can serve your home for more than a century. Next, these are fire resistant and can reduce the heat absorbed by the building, so the property will remain cool. The slate tiles are available in an excellent range of colour options. However, when you talk about their installation, you cannot just approach any roofing services in Surrey. You should hire an expert for the task who has already installed slate tiles.

Concrete Tiles

Concrete tiles do not absorb heat but reflect it. So, the roof and the property remain cool during summer. It is strong enough to deal with most storms. It can bear storms up to 120 miles/hour. Concrete tiles are fire-proof, weather resistant, and insect proof. It can serve you for many decades. However, it is important to ensure proper roof construction.

Terracotta Clay Roof Tiles

Terracotta clay roof tiles are believed to be an excellent preference for summer because they do not absorb much heat. They are environmentally friendly, attractive, fire resistant, and durable. They can last for almost a century. Terra cotta clay roof tiles can withstand all weathers. Another remarkable fact about terra cotta clay roof tiles is they are recyclable.

Green Roof

Green roofs also known as living roofs are covered, partially or entirely, with soil or vegetation. Green roofs can absorb rainwater, offer insulation, and keep the property cool in summer.

We provide specialized roofing services in Surrey. Contact us for details.

Three Ideas to Help You in Roof Replacement Insurance Coverage Processing

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Roof replacement is a big investment. So, it is always good to take out insurance coverage to avoid any financial burden in case your roof gets damaged. Once you get your roof covered under your home insurance policy, you can claim with the insurance company whenever you discover considerable damage to your roof. This is easier said than done. When you claim for roof replacement, you may have to go through numerous follow-ups with the insurance company.

Understanding the difficulties and protecting you from them, we have brought you three points for you that will make roof replacement insurance processing easy.

#1 Have the Damaged Roof Inspected Right Away

If you discover that your roof has been damaged, then you should not assume you understand the condition of the roof yourself because the condition may be more serious than your assumption. You should call a licensed roof repair and replacement expert. That person will be able to give you an accurate report about your roof. Their report will clearly mention how extensive the damage is, and you can use that report to make your insurance claim.

#2 Take Pictures of the Damaged Areas

When the roofer is inspecting your roof, you should photograph the damaged areas with him. You should add the photographs to the report provided by the roofer. You should request of the roofer as well in this regard to make the report so comprehensive using those photographs that everything should be obvious to anybody who views the report. An important point to consider is that the images must be clear and labelled with the date and time. If your report explains everything in detail with photos, the insurance claim will process faster, because the concerned authorities will understand the exact situation by seeing the report.

#3 Read the Insurance Policy Terms and Conditions

Readying the file is not enough to apply for roof replacement cost recovery, you should study the terms and conditions of the insurance coverage policy in detail, to know what else you have to do to get the compensation. You should fulfill every requirement before applying for the roof replacement coverage amount.

Following these ideas will make the roof replacement insurance coverage processing easy. Showing your intelligence, you can read the terms and conditions in the beginning when you take out the insurance coverage and make a list of the requirements that you will have to fulfill in case your roof is damaged. This way, you will be able to take immediate action when you notice your roof is damaged and get the request processed sooner.

We are a reliable, affordable, and noted name in the market for roofing in Surrey. You can unhesitatingly contact us to have your roof inspected anytime.

How to Remove Drainage Blockages

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Blocked drainage makes the life hell. You cannot bathe, wash your hands, clean up dirty clothes, wash your utensils, and clean vegetables and other raw substances to cook your meals. In addition to this, the bad odour coming from the drains makes spending time in your home difficult.

Being well aware of the difficulties triggered by drainage blockages, we have brought you some tips to help you clean the drainage blockages in your home.

#1# Boil water in a large amount and pour it into the drains in your home. Do this activity several times. The hot water will fight the grease buildup and may unclog the blockage. The water must be hot because lukewarm water will not be effective.

#2# Soda bicarbonate, a mixture of soda and vinegar, can be quite effective to remove drain blockage. Take vinegar in a significant amount and then add soda to it. To make it more effective, you can add salt to the mixture as well. Pour the solution into the drains and leave it for 3-4 hours. If you can leave it for overnight that will be excellent. Then, pour hot water in the drainage. The drain blockage will most probably go.

#3# Ammonia disintegrates the soap scum buildups. Pour ammonia into the drain and leave it for 2-3 hours and then pour water into the drain. The blockage should open. Don’t add bleach or vinegar to ammonia because adding either of them to it will create a toxic solution that will create toxic fumes.

#4# Coca cola that you take to feel relaxed in summer and that you serve to your guests in parties can unblock the drain blockages. Take a 2l bottle of coca cola, pour it into the drains, and then leave it for some time. Then clean the drain with hot water.

#5# You can use a plunger to open the blockage in the drainage. When you are going to use the plunger, cover you properly.

If you don’t want to take a chance and want to get quick relief from the problem, then you should call an expert drainage solutions provider. If you are in Surrey, you can call us. We provide expert drainage solutions. Plus, we provide specialized solutions for roofing in Surrey as well. So, we will clean your drains and inspect your roof to detect if any problem it has.

5 Mistakes that Can Clog Your Home’s Drainage System

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Clogged drains bring life to ast and still. You cannot even wash your hands because the water will not pass and that will spill into your home.

However, often, the drains clog because of people’s errors.

We don’t intend to offend you, just to inform you of the mistakes most people commit. Read this blog, and you will know better how to keep your drains from clogging.

In this blog, we will draw your attention to five mistakes that result in clogged drains.

They are:

Cleaning vegetables, rice, and other raw food materials in the sink

Most people clean their vegetables, rice, and other raw materials in their sinks. While cleaning, often some particles or trimmings fall in the sink and go into the drain with the flow of the water. Those pieces that could not easily go out, they remain inside and wait for other food materials to build up, and one day when they become too numerous, they block the drain entirely.

How should you clean raw foods then? Easy. Take a basket and clean the vegetables and food materials in the basket. After cleaning, remove the raw materials from the basket and then drain the water in the sink.

Cleaning utensils in the washbasin

Another mistake most people make is that they don’t remove the food particles from the utensils properlybefore cleaning them. The stuck food particles enter the drain with the water flow. So, you should check every utensil properly before cleaning it and discard the stuck food particles from them.

Flowing construction and renovation materials in the drain

In most buildings, wherein construction or renovation work is done, drains clog because the construction or renovation materials are washed in to them. The construction and renovation materials must be properly cleaned up, so that nothing can go in the drain.


Bathing relaxes our body and senses, but careless bathing for several days can result in clogged drain. When we bathe, broken hair and clumps of bathing soap fall on the floor and wash down the drain. The hair and soap block the drain over time. So, you must ensure that hair and soap pieces don’t go in the drain, by using a catch filter and emptying it regularly.

Tampons, cigarettes, cardboard, wipes

Many people throw feminine protection products, cotton balls, cotton swabs, cigarette filters, and wet wipes in the toilet. Unfortunately, they don’t often pass all the way through and result in clogging, sometimes deep in the drainage system. These items should never be flushed.

By avoiding these simple mistakes, you can keep your drains clean for longer, and avoid costly drainage system repairs.

Five ideas to Increase the Life of Your Roof

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Like every other thing, your roof also has a lifespan. No matter how carefully you treat it, it will become worn and damaged with time. However, by paying close attention to its condition, you can increase its lifespan.

If you want to increase the life of your roof, then read this blog, which will give you five ideas to for roof care and maintenance.

Ensure attic ventilates properly

The durability or longevity of your roof partially depends on the attic in your home. The attic in your home needs to be fully ventilated. It must not be overly dry. At the same time, it must not bedamp. The best way to avoid undesired dryness and moisture is adding a roof fan or vent to the loft.

Attic must be appropriately insulated

If the attic is not insulated, then have it insulated properly because the roofs soakup the heat and make the interior hot in summer, while allowing valuable heat to escape in the winter. Proper insulation will balance the heat and make your home energy-efficient as well.

The gutters and drains need to be properly cleaned

Make sure the drainage system of your roof is clear. If anything clogs in the roof drainage, it will create a risk of damage for the roof. If you don’t fix it in a timely manner, the roof will begin leaking. A clean drainage system is important, not only for your roof, but also for your entire home, because if water does not drain properly, it will harm the foundation of the home.

Trim the overhanging trees, if any

If any tree is overhanging your roof, then trim its branches. Otherwise, it will damage your roof and the leaves will clog the roof’s drainage system. The tree leaves building up on the roof will trap moisture on the roof that will harm it, as well as provide ideal conditions for the growth of moss and mildew. The overhanging tree branches themselves will damage your roof during storms. Before trimming, it is important to know the local bylaws related to trimming trees, especially if the tree is actually growing on a neighboring property.

Get the roof inspected once a year

Inspections will allow you to know if the roof needs a repair, before the problem becomes dire. Timely repairs will keep the roof healthy for longer and ensure its long life. So, call an experienced roofing Surrey expert once a year to get your roof inspected.

By carrying out these easy ideas, you can ensure a long life for your roof. So, do consider them seriously.

What Causes Leaky Roofs and How to Prevent Them

Posted by admin under Williams roofing on November 26, 2017

As a part of residential property maintenance, roofs are considered one of the prime elements which should not be neglected. A lot of home owners just do not want to hear that the installed roofs are leaking. Calling for regular roof health inspections and repair is thus, required to prevent leakages. In general, leaking roofs lead to mold growth and even damages to their structural integrity. No one would like the frustrating idea of placing a drip bucket under roof region which leaks when it rains. Even small leaks can become worse with time and lead to increase in molds and insulation problems. If the installed roofs in your home is highly vulnerable to leakages, here is what you need to look for roof maintenance:

1. Consider the Age of Roof

To prevent roof leakages, the age of roof can tell if there is a higher risk of leakages. With time, the materials roofs are made of age and become less protective. So, it becomes difficult to get protection from weather elements. For instance, exposure of roofs to the heat and cold weather causes compression and expansion of roofing material. This causes cracks, thus creating pathway for water leakages. Beyond the average life of roofs of around twenty years, it is best to get them repair or replaced by specialists of roofing in Surrey.

2. Get Roof Holes Inspected and Repaired

Heavier rains and storms causes smaller holes on the roof surface which become bigger with time. Obviously, a roof hole is a clear passage for water to leak inside the property. So, whether it is about preventing or repairing roof holes, you need to get them inspected regularly by expert roofing contractors. This will serve as a good preventive measure for home roof maintenance.

3. Look for Missing Shingles

In extreme weather conditions of heavy wind storms, shingles installed in roofs often get ripped off, leaving behind an open roof segment. Not knowing about such roof damages will likely to cause leakages in the next stormy season. Furthermore, these damages may worsen with time, leading to more number of missing shingles. So, it becomes very important not to neglect missing shingle replacement and complete roof inspection timely. Roof inspection will let you know about such vulnerabilities so that you can make the quick call to the roofing expert.

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