Summer Roofing Tips for your Home

Posted by admin under Williams roofing on June 20, 2015

Summers can have a blistering affect on your roofs. The indoor temperature, humidity and energy consumption are all directly affected by the type of roofing installed on your building. How efficient is it? Is it green roofing? What exactly you can do to have a energy-efficient roof on top of your house?

Here are some sought after summer tips for your home roof maintenance:

Tip 1

Blocked Roof Drains

Summers are here, so is the best time for roofing! You must be having summer debris clogging the roof drains. They can block water flow and result in leakage, roof damage, spoil waterproofing and also result in development of mosses and algae. Clear the drains and book roofing experts to clear them free and ensure no blockage.

Tip 2



Roof Inspection after storms

Summers or rains can see heavy storms or winds blowing across the plains. Check for microburst or damage to the roods during this time. Regular inspection and touch up helps in keeping the roofs in good condition even after storms.

Tip 3


If you have been considering re-roof for your building, summer is the right time! You have plenty of sunshine and mostly, non-slippery roof surface to perform re-roofing. You can also get roofing professionals easily and for a longer task at hand during the summers. Re-roofing is possible on all types of roofs.

Tip 4


If your roofs are not well-ventilated, there are chances that there could be a rise in the temperature by a lot of degrees. This can result in a breeding ground for molds as air traps within the attic.

Tip 5

Roofing Material

Summers requires you to use the best roofing material in terms of its efficiency in reflecting heat and keeping them interiors cooler. Asphalt shingles are the best when it comes to summer roofing. Metal roofing are a big no-no for this season.


Why Tile Roofing is Ideal for your New Home?

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Buying a new home is a special feeling. You plan everything to be perfect for your house. The exteriors and interiors; the driveway, the front yard, the curbs, the entrance, walls, flooring, ceiling, and the roofing are among the many aspects that demand your attention. Roofing stands out as one of the prime elements in your exterior décor and also one of the major parts of the building.

 Why Tile Roofing?

Tile roofing is one of the most popular roofing products in the world. Roofing contractors in Surrey can’t stop raving about this roofing system for the summers. The durability offered by tile roofs is beyond comparison to any other system. The best part about this roofing type is that it is energy saving and helps you make a big cut on your energy bills.

Design and Appearance

One can find a wide variety of colors and styles when it comes to tiles. Both clay as well as concrete tiles are manufactured in different colors right from the light shades to the darker versions. You can easily match the color of your exteriors with the tiles while selecting the color.

Tile roofing sits well on different types of building and architecture. They easily match a particular style and compliment it. Moreover, it is seen that tile roofing is preferred by home buyers around the world.

Sustainability and Life Span

Tile roofs have long term durability and are far more sustainable than many other styles of roofing. They are so resistant to wear and tear that even centuries old tile roofs are still doing fine today. They have very low life cycle cost and withstand the test of time for the years. They are a preferred choice at places facing high wind conditions and even hailstorms. Moreover, they are also fire resistance. Hence, they are extremely sustainable and have low maintenance needs.

Environment Friendliness

Tile roofing is the most cost-effective when it comes to low life cycle. The roofing material used in the tiles plays a key role in the life span of tile roofing. Tiles used in this style do not cause any depletion of natural resources and do not even possess chemicals that are harmful to the environment. Moreover, one is not required to get the re-roofs done for tile roofing time and again. They are long living and ensure low maintenance cost to the property owners. They also have natural air flow through them and keep the interiors pleasant for living. Therefore, you have a cooler summer home and a warmer winter home. This makes it a cost-saving roofing type as well, or a green roofing system.

Low Cost, Low Maintenance

Tile roofing is one of the easiest of all roofing types to install. It is one of the simplest systems and is absolutely cost-effective both at the time of installation as well as long term maintenance. Lastly, it is equally easy and affordable to repair and maintain it.

Hiring a Green Roofing Specialist in Surrey

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Green roofing is not a recent concept that has been knocking on the doors of homeowners in Surrey. It is an age old concept of keeping your homes cooler in summers and also lowering the cost of energy consumption. Green roofing is a preferred way of roofing using the right materials and technology to suit the rising temperature at this time of the year.

Why Green Roofing?


Surrey enjoys mild humid and sultry weather in the summers. It is usually cloudy or the sun could be out and at its brightest best on some days. To ensure that you have a pleasant and comfortable atmosphere indoors; it is important you ensure your home is ready for the season. Roofing is one of the many considerations that one needs to make in this weather. More importantly, green roofing is a great idea to have a cool atmosphere indoors.

Using the Right Roofing Materials          

The kind of roofing materials used for roofing also plays a key role in regulating the indoor air temperature. There are certain roofing materials that are considered as heat reflectors or heat absorbers. The heat reflector varieties are appropriate for the sultry weather; whereas, heat absorbers are good for the winters. Therefore, it is important that the roofing materials are carefully chosen for your homes.

If you need to keep your homes cozy and comfortable in the hot and humid weather, choose cooler materials such as asphalt shingles to do the trick for you. It is always a great advice to go for a green “cooler” roof that stands the rising temperature and keeps it away from your home indoors for good!

Shakes are again popular in this part of the world; however, asphalt shingles and composite do well for this season.

Metal Roofing: One of the Best Forms of Roofing in Surrey for Residential & Commercial Places

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There are misconceptions related to the use of metal roofing for special kind of establishments & buildings only. This form of roofing is believed to belong to the luxurious class of homes & palaces & also, there are instances where people believe that metal roofing is only for tool sheds. But those who believe in such surfacial rumors don’t know the whole facts. Actually, Metal roofing is one of the best form of roofing which can withstand weather disturbances of all kinds better than anything else. Still, those who believe in the positives of metal roofing in Surrey are now embellishing the front look of their places with this attractive form of roofing in Surrey. And these positives have made it popular ahead of all the doubts & misconceptions.

Metal roofing in residences


In residences, metal roofing has the sheets of steel, aluminum or copper used in them. In the case of steel roofing, a coated layer of metal can give it protection against the rust. The aluminum roofs are only painted without coating. While the two requires protection against rust, Copper doesn’t need that as it weathers before getting corroded. Next is the steel roofing which is galvanized with zinc prior to its use. Also, the density of all these coatings determines the cost they require & the service quality that can be obtained. When it comes to consider your affordability & pocket limits, Metal roofing in Su

rrey is expensive as compared to asphalt or other roofing materials. But the service quality is far more superior & durability is preserved for sure without much maintenance. These metal roofs are also energy efficient & are thus, helpful to counteract heat in the summer months. Cost effectiveness says that these roofs have better resale value & are resistant to fire.

It can thus, be helpful to change your current roofs with better & efficient metal roofs to gain advantages associated with them with professional roofing in Surrey.

Advice for finding and installing quality roofing in Surrey

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When it comes to the roof over your head, you shouldn’t be taking any chances. The problem with roofing in Surrey, and any other area, is that it is often difficult to first detect any problems and therefore tough to know when maintenance, or an entire new roof is needed.

It  is recommended to regularly have a professional give your roof the once-over, every couple of years, especially in Surrey, where the winters can consist of a huge amount of rain, which in turn can cause problems.If you do find that your roofing needs replacing or patching up, then here is some advice to finding and installing quality roofing in Surrey.

Find a reliable professional


When searching for a company or tradesmen to do the work, it is important that you take the necessary precautions to find a reliable professional. Reading reviews online, as well as speaking with friends and family, is a good way to ensure that you receive dependable service.

Compare quotes

Installing new roofing in Surrey, much like anywhere else, can be a costly experience if you do not shop around. Having a number of different quotes will help with estimating how much the job should cost, but be wary not to substitute cost for quality. If you have doubts about a cheap option, then you may be best to look elsewhere.

Don’t try this at home

As the old saying goes, ‘don’t try this at home’ and the same can certainly be said for roofing in Surrey. Not only is it easy to make a mistake, which could cost your home thousands in damage, it can be a major safety issue for injuring yourself.

Each year there will be a number of people who will injure themselves, or even worse, from trying to fix their own roofing in Surrey. Qualified roofers are used to working at heights, and are therefore used to using the correct precautions and safety equipment.

It may be that your roof is not suitable for you to walk on, so before you step foot on to your roof, make sure you get a professional who will help make installing roofing in Surrey a safe and easy process.

You can put a price on good quality roofing in Surrey, but you certainly can’t put a price on your safety, so don’t risk it.

Tile Roofing- Beneficial In the Summer Season

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Tile roofing is one of the most articulate ways of roofing of the past and present times. It is one of the best ways to show the craftsmanship of a roofer and how well they can use roofing material to demonstrate their creativity and sense of style. Many homeowners as well as business owners prefer tile roofing over other forms of roofing because of their beauty and innovation.

Tile roofing for summers

Tile roofing is popular in both winters as well as summers. As many of us would already be aware of, tile roofing is one of the preferred ways of roofing for the hot weather. The heat and humidity of the summers can well be combated with a cool roof that is bright and uses cooler roofing material such as clay or slate. Both the materials have a tendency to absorb excessive heat and sunlight and keeps the interiors of the property cooler and comfortable.

There are many tile roofing specialists in Surrey who offer a variety of roofing solutions using energy-efficient roofing materials and an experienced team of professionals. The right roof can actually go a long way in reducing your energy bills and further reduce the burden on your air conditioning systems.

Clay for roofing material in summers

Clay roof tiles are popular throughout Surrey and many parts of BC and rest of Canada. They are popular for their ability to regulate the interior temperature of a building with respect to the natural temperature. This can be well understood that clay tile roofing enables temperature to remain warm and cozy during the winters; whereas, it keeps the temperature cooler and comfortable during the summers. You are in a complete win-win situation when you install clay roof tiles for your homes. They look exquisite as well as prove to be energy efficient in the long run.

Slate for reducing energy costs

Similar to clay, slate is also an incredibly energy efficient roofing material gaining prominence in residential as well as commercial roofing. Many business owners also prefer to use cool roofs or green roofs to keep the interior temperature naturally cooler. Hence, there is less pressure on the air conditioning system and the cost of cooling is reduced considerably for a commercial set up as well.

Slate is a good roofing material to be used in hot summers. Surrey homes can benefit from the use of slate tiles in roof installation. They work hard to keep the scorching heat out of your homes and keep the energy costs down to a great extent. They provide a cooler and a pleasant atmosphere for the interiors of your property.

Tile roofing using slate and clay for energy efficiency

Both slate as well as clay ensures that you have energy efficient tile roofs for your home and business. Over a period of time, tile roofing systems also stand the test of time and weather and even go on to sustain their beauty for years. Moreover, they are energy efficient and help you in managing your energy bills with complete peace of mind.

Summer Roof Maintenance Tips and Damage Prevention

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Most homeowners tend to ignore the need of roof maintenance throughout all seasons. With the summer making a splashing entry, we tend to worry about the leaky roofs or the dampening walls. It is then that we realize that we have been neglecting the roofing system of our house. We have not been able to do much for our roofs in the winter. Summer is the perfect time to get things started and how!



Don’t Wait for Emergency

The first thing that is important for consideration is that one should never wait for an emergency to strike. If you are waiting for the roofs to leak or show some damage sign, then you are in for a lot of expenditure later. It is important to maint

ain the health of your roofing system and correct whatever flaws are visible in the first place. Keep roof ventilation and drainage system in order to avoid any damage at all.

Gutter Debris

How about cleaning the debris and gutters to maintain the drainage system for the roofs? Summers give you the freedom to ensure there is nothing blocking the drains and its all clear. A good drainage system ensures no clogging or dampening of the side walls. It also ensures that there is no overflowing of water or break in the pipes.

Growth of Moss

Moss is one of the common plants that grow on your roofs or through the side walls. They can easily damage the foundation of the roofs and result in leakage in the walls and cause dampening. It is important to check for signs of moss growth and the possible harm that they can cause to the roof. Metal roofs are your safest bet to have moss-free roofing system.


If you want to re-do your roof or get a new roof installed in place of the existing one, do it now! If the rain is at a halt in Surrey, it is the best time to get some new roofing system installed at your home or business.

How to get Weather-resistant roofs for all seasons by using a roofing Contractor in Surrey?

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Roof maintenance is an essential activity that is needed on a regular basis so as to ensure superior strength & quality of your house. If there is no roof or your house has an ill-maintained roof, you may not get a healthy experience of Living being there in such a house. Like anything else which has its quality eroded with time, Roof requires careful consideration for their conditions & needs maintenance services with time.

There are many benefits of using regular roof maintenance service from a professional roofing service provider as given below:

1) Periodic servicing of roofs helps in maintaining the strength of your house, thus preventing any inevitable & unfortunate roof fall which may even be life threatening.
2) Roofs form an essential part of overall appearance of your place. Thus, recurrent maintenance service will serve as an attractive crown of your house & enhance the beauty of your house.
3) Restoration practices ensure safety of the people living in the house in times of extreme weather conditions or sudden disasters.
4) A major hit of expense at your pocket can be avoided as your house doesn’t require major renovations altogether as you are taking in use maintenance services for your house.
5) Constant preservation of roofs through servicing helps in preventing roof leaks that would otherwise wither the quality & strength of the roofs.
6) Leaks on rooftops results in a moist environment on the walls which may result in the growth of molds. And since leaks are prevented with restoration services, growth of molds can be prevented.

Considering the tasks involved in roof restoration, it should be known that it is not as simple as it seems. Instead, it is a complex process comprising of a combination of several tasks for complete roof maintenance. However, if you wish to take responsibility of some of the minor faults like shingles by yourself, you will need to possess complete set of tools requires for this purpose. And you can proceed as follows:

• You should gauge for the appearance of the roof & shingles for any damage carefully. To remove a damaged shingle, you have to lift edges of other shingles just next to it & remove the nails o replace the shingle.
• Fix new shingle in place & check if it’s in line with the whole array of shingles on the roof.
• Generally, make sure all the safety provisions are taken in use before opting for any such servicing task.
• Check for the weather conditions to continue with the required task & avoid forwarding in harsh climate as it would worsen the situation & create more damages to the property. You may even risk your life & that of the professional by working in such extreme weather conditions.

Tips For Finding A Professional Roofer

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Most people will be faced with having to repair or replace a roof for their home at least once or twice over their lifetime.

In order to protect your home and yourself, it is of paramount importance that you invest in the time to research reputable roofing contractors before trusting your roof replacement to one of them.  Failure to do your homework in the search for a good roofing contractor can prove to be a very costly mistake for the homeowner/building owner, as there are a number of companies out there ready and willing to prey on consumers who are unaware of prevalent scams aimed at charging high costs for shoddy work.

Differentiating between professional roofing contractors and wolf in sheep’s clothing isn’t always an easy feat, but here are some helpful tips on how to find a professional roofing contractor:

Check For Certifications

Ensuring that a company is properly certified to do the work can prevent you from being held liable for

Roofing Surrey

any accidents that may occur on site while work is being completed.

Some of the resources to check include the National Roofing Contractors Association, the National Association of the Remodeling Industry, or any other local organization encompassing the roofing industry.   It’s always a good idea to check with the Better Business Bureau for any previous complaints a company may have received and to find out how long they have been in business.

Confirm Insurance

Ensure that the company is fully insured, covering the company and all of the workers it employs.  Don’t be shy, ask them for the name of their insurance company and policy number.

Attain Written Warranties And Guarantees

Once you receive a proposal make sure it contains a written material warranty and labor guarantee.  A number of manufacturers’ warranties come with a lot of exclusions.

Follow Up On References

Reputable roofing contractors will be able to provide, without hesitation, a list of references from past jobs they have done.  Contact lists should include up-to-date names, addresses, phone numbers and photos of work completed.

Discuss Payment

Make sure to discuss payment terms and remember never to pay the full amount up front.  It is common practice for companies to request a deposit or establish payments based on installments until work is completed to your satisfaction.  Always obtain a written receipt for amounts paid.

In the end, the above-mentioned tips can put you on the right track to finding a reputable and professional roofing contractor such as William’s Roofing and Drainage in Surrey, BC.With 35 yrs of experience under our belts we are in the know when it comes to advances in materials and technique and we spare no effort in determining the needs of our customers, all the while keepinginline with their set budget.

To getafree no obligation estimate from the experts at Williams Roofing and Drainagecall (604) 580-2444/(604) 852-3358 or email

Reliable Roofing Service in Surrey

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The walls of your home or building need a companion to look for their aerial needs. They require safety from external disturbances of wind, rain & weather to keep themselves well-maintained. In short, they require Tough & durable Roofing service to turn from a group of walls into a well-defined Home. It will not only serve your home with a desirable & worthwhile outer appearance, but it also pours life into the internal strength of your home. For such services, you need an accomplished roofing service provider that can handle all your needs easily & effectively. And we can serve similar assistance, if given a chance to show you our forte.

Ours is an established name in the business of Roofing services in Surrey. The range of services that is provided by our professionals includes repairing of roofs, new roof installations, Maintenance Services related to roofing needs, Ventilation Assistance, Leakage Guide & waterproofing.

Our experience of serving the buildings of Surrey & the crafted, highly skilful hands that work for us create durable & affordable services to all our clients. Their satisfaction is our key concern while the quality of service provided is the closest principle we work upon.

We excel in giving customized roofing services with respect to your desires & its corresponding materialization possible with Human Endeavour. Whether it’s a residential or commercial project to work upon, we excel in them both. Our specialists understand your requirement thoroughly & then formulate the most appropriate plan to work ahead. These specialists have complete understanding & knowledge about all the aspects related to roofing needs. Once a project is assigned to us, we make sure that the client becomes our permanent service seeker as per according to the future needs.

We are a highly developed team of customized Roofing Service provider. Our work reflects the values we work upon & our dedication towards delivery of quality service.