Why Homes Need Driveway Drainage Solutions?

Posted by admin under Williams roofing on January 10, 2017

Many homes have driveways that slope towards the garage or home. During rainstorms, water can flow onto your property from several sources including roofs, hillsides, and your neighbor’s yard. Since concrete and asphalt are impermeable, when water reaches your driveway it is no longer absorbed into the ground and often flows into your garage, or worse, your home. We get so many calls about driveway drainage issues, we thought we would lay out some of the main ways that we solve this problem.


The Wrong Driveway Drainage Solution:

Many homeowners believe they can solve their driveway drainage problems by simply moving dirt (grading) or digging shallow trenches. These temporary fixes do not effectively solve the problem and can actually make the problem worse.  The majority of homeowners report that they are unhappy with the results of temporary solutions – and end up trying another approach within 12 months.

The Right Driveway Drainage Solution:

Driveway Drains:

For some properties, especially those that sit below street level, it’s difficult to solve the drainage problem with correct placement and slope alone. In this situation driveway drains will need to be installed. A trench drain can be installed where the driveway meets the garage. This type of drain is long and narrow and should run the entire width of the driveway. A trench drain must be covered by a grate to keep it free of debris that could clog the pipe. Decorative grates are available for trench drains that can be used as a unique design element. Smaller site drains can also be used in specific areas of the driveway where water collects.

Drainage Pipes:

On extremely long driveways, consider having a gulley or drainage pipes at the sides of the drive for the runoff of moisture. These will carry the water away and deposit it in another place. However, it’s important to consider where it will be carried. Unless the ground is damp or marshy, creating drainage from crushes rock and pebbles, with a porous or drilled pipe above will allow the water to drain into the ground. This is a better option than carrying it away to a storm drain. You can also use this system to direct the water away toward an area of your property that might be able to handle it, for example a woods or pond.

Basement Leakage and the Need of Drain Repair

Posted by admin under Williams roofing on November 28, 2016

To residential properties, a basement is considered a safe storage space that can be utilized in other ways as well. But when it has been found that there is water in the basement leaking in through some hidden damaged drain, people become upset. Drainage related damages are much more problematic to those who have not encountered them before. They do not know what is happening and what the reason of such leakages in basements is. Instead of just cleaning the collected water from the basements, most of the homeowners prefer to call for professional drain repair services to get the leakages inspected. There can be severe damage caused in the installed drain which has started to cause water leakages. And to prevent worst consequences, it is best to get helped by drainage professionals.

Most Common Cause of a Basement Leak

Drain leakages in basements occurs because of a number of reasons. There may be a roof leak existing somewhere above which is causing the leakages. Otherwise, the chances are higher that either there is a plumbing leak or the water is coming in through the foundation wall. Since a lot of stuff is generally being stored in the basement, it becomes important to get the source of leakages inspected and covered by drain repair professionals. Such situations may become tricky and worsen with time as the source of leak is not generally visible from the outside. Drainage experts know whether the foundation wall is to be treated with waterproofing.

Finding the Leakage Source in Basements

Most of the time, it is possible to reach out to the source of the basement leakage by searching around the spot where the water is pooling. But to check the exact cause of such leakages behind the floor or walls, crucial inspection as well as drain repair services are needed. With the help of drainage services, you can ask for interior waterproofing as the required solution. With perimeter drainage repair, you can get the leakage problems covered for the basement.

Blocked Toilets – What Have Your Kids Done to the Drainage?

Posted by admin under Williams roofing on November 28, 2016

Having children playing at homes is what parents love a lot. But excessive playing by the naughty kids may lead to drainage related problems if they target the installed pipes and drains as a part of the play. Open drains can be easily blocked if something is trapped in between the drains, something that you do not know about. In order to prevent your children from causing severe damages, you should make the children aware about the possible drainage problems. They should know why playing games in homes should be kept away from the drains. Otherwise, the ultimate solution to call for Surrey drainage experts will only serve the damages caused. Given below are the some of the common possibilities of drainage issues accidentally caused by children –

Toys Blocking the Drains

Children only care about how they can make fun at any time with what they do if no one is looking. And open mouths of drains become their targets. They do not know much about the filth or dirt, but just to play. Throwing balls or small soft toys in kitchen or bathroom drains happens a lot by such damages caused by innocent children. Along with the toys, the little minds do throw in their wipes and nappies in the drains while playing. Such playful activities generally make the parents and home owners to call for the services of Surrey drainage experts.

Damage to External Drainage Pipes

Children in early ages do look for moments when they can play with all they want to. Breaking external drainage pipes may be caused while playing if the pipes get a hard hit accidentally. Drainage problems, no matter how big or small will be caused this way. Other than letting the children understand how their playful nature can cause damage, immediate services by Surrey drainage professionals are surely needed. No one wants a small crack in the drainage pipe to grow with time which will likely to cause more expense in repair services.

Hiring reputed drainage solution providers on time can help in reducing the chances of drainage failures.

How Poor Yard Drainage Destroys the Landscape of Homes?

Posted by admin under Williams roofing on November 25, 2016

Maintaining landscape of your place in its appeal has a lot to do with yard drainage. You must have heard that grass and plants frown in the lawn die when they are not watered enough with time. Similarly, they die out of water logging in lawns that may occur because of improperly installed yard drainage systems. It happens that the effect of improper drainage installation comes up later in time. if you are also having soggy, water logged regions in your lawns, it can be sign that your installed drainage systems required services by experts, Calling for professionals offering yard drainage solutions can serve the purpose well. Getting such services on time will help you save money as the drainage problems will be treated in their initial stages. What can be the cause of water logging in yards? Here are the possible answers:

Soil Structure and Water Logging

Poor drainage in soil because of its ill structure and condition may also lead to water logging. Dying plants may not be getting the nourishment and water intake they need from the soil. Plus, it can also be possible that the installed drains under the soil are affecting the soil structure. There can be leakages in the installed drains and immediate detection by yard drainage solution providers can help in such needs.

Soil Grading and Tilt

Other than the soil structure, poor drainage can also be the result of surface grading problems when the yards are not well sloped for flow of water. An ill sloped surface of yards does not allow the water from a heavy rain to flow down to the installed drains. Getting helped by drainage specialists for yard drainage solutions in such needs will be the best solution. Other than surface grading, the expert team will inspect the possible drainage problems and serve you well by the expertise. For instance, your yard may need a subsurface drain to avoid water logging. Installation and maintenance of such required drainage systems will also be covered in their services. This will serve as a long term drainage solution for your property.

Contacting expert drainage solution providers is easier these days through a phone call or by filling an online form.

3 Big NO’s While Looking for Roofing Contractors

Posted by admin under Williams roofing on October 7, 2016

Whether it is for roof maintenance or new roof installation, hiring roofing contractors to do the job is not as simple as it may seem. Roofing system of any residential or commercial property is its very important element and it needs to be maintained and installed in the best possible ways. Otherwise, the direct consequences may become a big hot to your pocket. If you are looking for a roofer for the first time in your life, there are lots of things you should consider before hiring any professional. Also, there are a number of contractors available in the markets. Whom should you trust to get the job done perfectly? Given below are the 3 Don’ts you should consider to get roofs repaired or installed:

Don’t Ignore the References and Satisfied Clients

Previously satisfied clients who had once hired a roofer can tell you a lot about the quality of roofing services they offer. Also, they will be willing to share their positive reviews about the services offered. A reputed, experienced roofing contractor must be having a considerable number of such satisfied clients to serve as the credentials of his superior quality services. If the contractor is reluctant to share the details of properties he had served before, you need to look for others.

Don’t Forget To Check the Insurance

No matter if the literal meaning of roofing services and insurance do not seem to match, it is important to consider them both. Roofing insurance is important for a contractor as it assures that the team of roofers will get the compensation in case of accidents, if they occur.

Don’t Consider Price over Quality

Just like any other market, there is high competition amongst the roofing services providers. The less experienced roofers may underbid to get new clients for their business. But if you look for quality, long term roofing solutions, it is best not to go with the lowest price as the primary factor of choosing a roofing contractor. You should base your choice on quality of services offered and experience of the roofing contractor.

Best Roof Type for Homes – Advice from the Experts

Posted by admin under Williams roofing on September 9, 2016

No matter what the architectural design of residential properties is, the owners want to protect and maintain it for its longevity. Since roofs forms an essential part of the properties, the act of keeping them in great condition starts with the choice of the appropriate roof type. Geographical locations, climate as well as roofing trends are generally considered while choosing the type of roofs for newer homes under construction or for renovation projects. For instance, residence built in the regions prone to natural fires should have fireproofed roofs for safety reasons. Not everyone knows well about the most suitable type of roof to be installed in a property. So, it is better to hire a reputed roofing contractor to install, replace as well as suggest roofs for homes. Getting roofs installed without proper consideration of several related factors may not seem a less perfect solution now. But eventually, the mistake will be realized and will surely cause more investments than expected.


Roof Considerations for Homes in Coastal Areas

Neither the atmosphere nor the land of a coastal area is same as that of a landlocked region in Canada. Heavy winds, may damage roofs if the shakes or shingles cannot withstand their speed. Humidity in the air will cause corrosion of roofs if they are not maintained in good condition. Choice of less suitable roofs will require frequent roof maintenance or replacement. But it is possible to avoid spending a lot of money on such maintenance needs by hiring an experienced roofing contractor. He will suggest roof types that should be installed in homes by considering all the related aspects of a property location and surroundings.

Asphalt or Slate Roofs – Best for Coastal Homes

Asphalt roofs are one of the most popular roof types chosen for homes because of their low cost and durability benefits. But slate roofs are even better in their quality as they can withstand the effect of winds and atmosphere in coastal areas. The longer lifespan of this type of roof is what makes them the expert’s choice for homes in coastal regions.

Depending on specific needs, preferences and budget, it is possible to get the quality services of roof installation by a professional roofing contractor.

Benefits of Torch on Roof Repairs by Expert Roofers

Posted by admin under Williams roofing on July 17, 2016

For properties installed with flat roofs, snow & rainwater accumulates on the roof top. While on sloped roofs, the tilt causes the water to fall by itself, the same doesn’t happen in the case of flat roofs. Accumulation of water and snow on roofs over long period of time increases the chance of roof leakages as the water seeps into the roofs through pores & cracks on roofs. Torch on roof repairs is a solution to such damages related to flat roofs. It prevents the roof from bearing leakages provided expert roofers are hired for such roofing needs. With such repair work, the flat roofs can last to around twenty years. Such long term benefits make this torch on roof a cost effective choice for commercial as well as residential properties.

Benefits of Torch on Roof Repairs by Expert Roofers

Water Proofing With Torch on Roof

In torch on roof repairs, expert roofing contractors work upon covering the roof surface with a waterproof layer of asphalt. This prevents the accumulated water or snow to cause leakages on roofs even if it is collected for long period of time. There are not one, but multiple water-proof layers of melted asphalt laid on the roofs to make them leakage resistant. Not only this, the protective rays also prevent the roofs from the effect of UV rays from the sun.

Does Your Roofs Need Torch on Roof Repair?

Whether or not the installed roofs need services of torch on roof repairs, the property owners need to get the roofs inspected by professional roofers as well. If the roofs are in good condition & have been repaired periodically, applying melted protective layers can be done directly. Otherwise, the roofs need to be maintained in surfacial uniformity first. For very old roofs which are already in a bad shape, basic restoration is needed first. Along with durability benefits and protection from leakages, these layers also make the roofs fire resistant. Less maintenance is needed for such roofs over a considerably longer time.

Shingle Roofing by Experts vs. DIY Installation

Posted by admin under Williams roofing on June 21, 2016

Maintaining the roof is an important aspect to be considered in residential maintenance plans. But the new roof installation itself has its impact upon the longevity of the roof as well. The quality of the roofing installation determines the strength & life span of the roof. While some people turn toward Do-It-Yourself methods, it is recommended not to compromise on roof quality by not hiring professionals for this job. Whether it’s about saving money, or just making an attempt to check undertake a challenging project and test your roofing skills, there can be long term losses from DIY roofing methods. It is important to understand why the experience of a Surrey roofing specialist matters when it comes to getting long term roofing benefits.

Shingle Roofing by Experts vs

Choice of Roof Type & Roofing Material

While it may seem that choosing a roof type for residential structures is an easy thing to do, knowing about the most suitable roof type is tricky. Asphalt shingles, fiberglass shingles, metal roofs, or flat roofs etc.; not everyone knows about the specific benefits of each of these types of roofs. Only Surrey roofing specialists know well about the differences and which would be the best option for each type of home.  For instance, they may suggest fiberglass shingles as a good choice because of their fire resistant qualities, affordable cost & low weight. Similarly, they can suggest the best roof type for the climate conditions of the location of the residence.

Complications & Best Practices of Roof Installation

When installing roofs, there can be complications faced by roofing experts.  These may include necessary smoothing of the surface upon which the roof is to be installed, cleaning of existing debris, leveling etc. Proper installation of roofs, along with ventilation & drainage systems is where the roofing of shingles gets complicated. Obviously, these details may not be known to people who decide to install, or repair roofs by themselves.  Therefore, it is best to call well trained Surrey roofing professionals for superior quality roofing services. And a team of expert roofers from a reputable roofing company will also provide free estimates to satisfy your roofing needs.

Roof Maintenance Tips by Roofing Experts

Posted by admin under Williams roofing on June 17, 2016

After chilling winter months, spring season comes with an enjoyable atmosphere. But for the roofs installed in residential as well as commercial establishments, it’s the best time for hiring Surrey roofing specialists to offer roof maintenance needs. Presence of sheets of snow & the low temperature has its effects upon the roof surfaces & may even cause leakages. Any such severe damage will effect operations for commercial buildings while for home owners, it’s equally disastrous. Bigger amount of money will be needed when the installed roofs aren’t maintained in their top condition. Thus, it’s best to maintain the roof installed over regular period of time. What do experts suggest about roofing maintenance? Here are some of the tips shared by them:

Roof Cleaning is Must

Roof Maintenance Tips by Roofing Experts

A common definition of maintenance of roofs has just repair & replacement part involved in it. But roof cleaning is an important for maintaining roof in good conditions as well. If there’s a lot of debris, leaves, trash etc. present over the roofs, it will clog the drains & leakages may result because of accumulation of water. Along with surface cleaning of roofs, drain cleaning & inspection is required as well. Clogged drains & gutters will disrupt the flow of water towards the ground & increase the chances of mold growth. Plus, it’s visually appealing to have well maintained roofs as well. If such maintenance needs have been neglected for a longer period of time, it’s best to call for professionals of roofing in Surrey for advanced roof inspection.

Make Preventive Plans to Face Any Roofing Problems

Not everyone can afford to get the roofs repaired or replaced after a sudden roofing disaster. But it’s easier to maintain roofs with low cost, regular roof inspection & repair. A smaller damage caused due to seasonal disturbances can be easily covered when you hire experienced contractors of roofing in Surrey. Free quotes & estimates can be asked from such roofers to check whether the services can be accommodated within the budget limits.

Roofing Repair Services against Rains & Storms

Posted by admin under Williams roofing on June 16, 2016

Extreme weather conditions like heavier storms & rains cause considerable damage to roofs installed in residential as well as commercial buildings. Accumulation of water at roofs in the rainy season weakens the roof system & ultimately, roofing services will be needed to cover up the damage. Also, if the quality of roofs installed wasn’t considered at the time of installation, such weather disturbances can have serious leakages as well as surfacial damage. But it is possible to avoid any such circumstance when you look for prevention repair services provided by Surrey roofing specialists. Even if the roofs aren’t repaired for a very long time, the existing damages can be covered before the commencement of stormy & rainy season. You need to call Surrey roofing specialists for their top quality services to prepare your roofs for the upcoming weather. They know well about how to handle, repair & install different types of roofs.

Why Sloped Roofing Are Best to Prevent Damages from Rain?

With sloped roofs installed in residential properties, the risk of roof damages caused by heavy rains can be minimized. Rain water won’t get accumulated over the roof surface & reduce leakage possibilities. It is when well known Surrey roofing experts are hired to install & repair such roofs that maximum satisfaction can be achieved.

Experience of Roofers is Their Service Credential

One of the significant aspects considered by people in Surrey while choosing a roofing contractor is the work experience & certification. Experienced Surrey roofing experts can work upon diverse forms of weather damages & fix them up to prevent any critical situations amidst extreme weather. Their team of professionals even know well of how to serve time efficient roofing services in emergency roofing needs. Plus, they are certified & abide by the guidelines formulated to maintain quality services. Best prices for best roofing services, that’s another reason why people call them up for all kinds of roofing solutions they need.

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